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ROSEN%20J%204CJanice Lowe Promises to put, over 19 years experience, to work for you and to listen
to your wants, desires, and needs, in order to accomplish your goals!

I will use my integrity, expertise, and knowledge to achieve a successful result and make
your real estate experience, enjoyable, simple, and exhilarating, throughout the process!

Not only will I help you in the sale but also to stand by your side and guide you through the
whole process of your move!

I will use my expertise to lead, and negotiate, the best possible results, personally for
your goals and always be available for consultation and answer all your questions so you feel comfortable while buying or selling your home!

“Mission Statement”

To serve, guide, teach and advise others in fulfilling their Financial and home ownership dreams!

“My Timeless Values”

I serve from a basis of unyielding integrity! I am committed to the Success of the people I touch!

“My Guiding Principles”

Performing my best allows me the opportunity to be great! Success is not something we pursue; it is something we attract by who we become!

“My Operational Practices”

I work together with you, so we can grow and achieve common, and successful goals! I add to my accomplishments on a daily basis! I assist people in making decisions that are in their best interest! I take responsibility for my actions, attitudes, and results! I embrace change, and see it as an opportunity! I have enormous energy and I energize you! Giving my best efforts on a daily basis allows to me to live a life without regret! Growth brings new challenges that test our commitment and ultimately strengthens our resolve! My daily focus is on giving vs. getting!